VoIP Phone Systems

Is your traditional phone system holding back your business growth?

Voice over I(nternet) P(rotocol) has been around for awhile with mixed reviews about the quality and dependability of service as well as the cost of the “for fee’ add-on features.

Prepare to save money, enjoy a feature-rich phone service and high reliability.  Contact AlphaLink at 740.788.9000 for a free phone bill analysis and demo.

  • Save 25% or more on your monthly phone bill (local and long distance).
  • Avoid your phone company’s price penalties for wanting more by enjoying a full-featured phone system which includes ample long distance minutes for each phone line.
  • Keep your business working during power outages or other disruptions with automatic failover to a cell or alternate business location.
  • Keep your existing published phone number.
  • Easily add and remove lines and extensions to adjust to your company's size as needed.
  • Enhance your business communications with conference calling, voicemail to email, call recording, call reporting— all included in the price.
  • Pool your simultaneous phone line needs over multiple locations, anywhere in the United States.
  • Enjoy faxes to your desktop or other device.