AlphaLink is the only IT company in Licking County that can provide you a choice of internet connectivity!

We are proud to be able to partner with Spectrum, Windstream and Everstream to provide you an independent evaluation of what product and service level will be best for your business.

Why use AlphaLink instead working directly with the vendor?

  • We can provide you a connectivity solution that works best for you, not what works best for our profit.
  • We provide a single bill for all services, so you only need to write one check!
  • AlphaLink has elevated support services with Time Warner and Windstream, so we can get you past level one support quickly.
  • We don't believe in "it's not our problem".  If your connection problem has nothing to do with your internet connection, we will happily help you fix it!

Our connectivity solutions include:

  • Spectrum Business Class Broadband
  • Spectrum Business Class Fiber
  • Windstream Fiber
  • Windstream Kinetic
  • Everstream Fiber

Call us for an free assessment and proposal for your Internet Connectivity.