Network Assessment

Networks are the backbone of your company’s infrastructure.  However, they often get neglected and wind up at the bottom of the priority list as the day-to-day tasks amass.

If left for too long, systems can become very difficult to manage and secure.  Network assessments can assist you and your company understand what you have, it’s relation to current technology and recommend some improvements to consolidate, automate or streamline your structure.

Some of the reasons why you may want to invest in a network assessment are:

  1. Take a look at your entire IT infrastructure: which you can use to make data based decisions for upgrades and consolidations.
  2. Improve security: penetration testing and network scanners can zero in on vulnerabilities. Strategies can also be introduced to protect against global threats as well as end-user threat education.
  3. Reveal cost saving potential: traditional estimations of infrastructure needs were based on peak usage. In the world of cloud and virtual computing resources can be scaled to fit what you need, when you need it.
  4. Review network protocol improvements- explore the possibility of segregating a network for enhanced vulnerability protection or applying newer protocols to streamline network functionality