We are a powerful network of elite technology service providers whose mission is to enable businesses to be more successful through the use of technology.

Because we belong to Trust X Alliance, we are:

eXclusive -- We represent products and services from the top Global IT Solution Providers.

eXtensive --  If we can't get to your remote location, we have a trusted partner who can.  Our reach includes over 300 partners in the U.S., Canada and UK.

eXceptional -- We are a part of an Alliance of service providers who have demonstrated business excellence in the technology industry by partipating in boardrooms, leading their communities and have been recognized globally with hundreds of service awards.  And, we have some of the best Women Leaders in Technology among our membership.

eXperienced -- 30+ years in the technology business representing some of the best products and services in the world.

AlphaLink is proud to be part of such a great organization -- and we're thrilled at its positive influence on our customer-service capabilities. If you have questions about Trust X Alliance, or our role in it, please do not hesitate to contact us. It is a key part of our ability to provide you world-class solutions that meet and fulfill your business needs and goals.