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Downloading the correct Firefox installer

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Firefox is a well known alternate web browser to use instead of Internet Explorer, and if you install it from the right location there will be no problems and you will be on your way. Firefox is created by a non-profit company called Mozilla.

However, if you download a firefox installer from any website other than Mozilla's official site, you may notice afterwards you have several extra programs that you didn't have before, or maybe even a fake virus scanner telling you that you are infected. This is because someone had created their own Firefox installer, that packs in extra adware and malware. When you install this modified installer, you are giving it permission to put malicious software on your computer. At that point, it could easily bypass your virus protection software since permission was given to install it.

You can avoid all of this by downloading Firefox at the official Mozilla page. If the link says "" in it, it is the correct site. We have also provided a download link to the official site in our Downloads section and directly below.

Remember, if you download software from the internet, make sure it is from the official manufacturer/developer's website. This is the safest way to download programs from the internet.

Download Firefox from official Mozilla website - Click Here