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Hosting Services

What kinds of hosting services do we offer?  Whatever kind you need!

Web and Domain Hosting

Host your website and/or domain name servers (DNS) with AlphaLink and enjoy “personalized” service. You don’t have to understand the abc’s of how your hosting services works and what points to where. Let us do that for you!

We offer hosting on both Windows and Linux platforms and are happy to work with your web designer or developer to get the most out of your web presence.

Your website will be assessable to your clients 24 hours a day, 365 days a year. We support different web programming languages and web content management software, including: perl, php, java, xhtml, html, Joomla, Drupal, WordPress and more!

Our webhosting includes email, ftp and control panel access (when needed).

File and Image Hosting

AlphaLink offers secure file hosting for the safe storage of your business data so your “private” clients can easily access large images and files which are sometimes blocked by email delivery. This is a great solution for corporate and branch office file sharing.

E-Mail Hosting

AlphaLink can deliver your email in a variety of protocols: POP/SMTP; IMAP and Hosted Exchange.

You can choose an on-premise email filtering device or we can provide filterning for you.

Virtual server hosting

At AlphaLink, we will help you embrace the Cloud 100% or go Partly Cloudy with one or more hosted applications. Your company will benefit from a powerful virtualized server that we monitor.  We supply the operating system, the hardware and the bandwidth. You supply the users!