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Business Productivity

So, your company has purchased the "perfect" productivity solution for your business.  Now what?

Today, everyone knows how to post to social media, use basic wordprocessing, spreadsheet, email and publishing software.  Yet, most end-users continue to struggle with automating daily tasks using productivity software features, including macros, formulas and integration between software.  Even though you know how to provide patient care, fight a fire, complete a crash report, keep track of inventory, perform bookkeeping tasks,  etc., you may not be able to relate these skills to your company's chosen application software.

AlphaLink can help you.  We will learn your application software and help you set it up, train your employee and make it work efficiently in your network environment.

Some of the productivity software we support:

  • Xerox's Firehouse Software
  • Microsoft's Sharepoint Intranet
  • Microsoft Office (all modules)
  • Corel  WordPerfect
  • Intuit Quickbooks
  • Adobe Professional
  • Various web site software (WordPress, Drupral, Sharepoint Designer)
  • Your specific application (we can figure it out and help you learn)

Our mission is to make your company productive and self-sufficient.  You do not want to pay vendors for things you can do for yourself.  At the same time, you need to know what is needed to keep your production software relevent.

Contact us and we will have a technicial professional talk with you about your business application training and support needs:

  1. Submit a ticket via our secure Connectwise Portal (for contract clients): Click Here for Connectwise Portal
  2. Submit a general support request form: Click Here for Support Request Form
  3. Send an email to