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AlphaLink Technologies Inc., is a full-service technology and internet service provider. With nearly 30 years of technology experience, we provide best of class IT  Products and Services to small and medium business, local government agencies and non-profit organizations. Our staff works hard to maintain a personal and professional approach to your technology needs. IF YOU NEED IT, WE CAN DO IT!

We are proud to serve the Central Ohio Area, including Newark, Heath, Granville, Hebron, and the Greater Columbus Ohio area.   Visit us at 1496 West Main Street, Newark, OH 43055.

Featured Article

Lock Out CryptoLocker!

The newest iteration of CryptoLocker is out, but you can easily protect yourself if you read along and know what to look for.

CryptoLocker is a virus that literally locks your personal files such as Word, Excel, Pictures, ect. The virus is capable of encrypting (locking) files on your company's server and other computers around it.  The files are locked with what is called an encrypted key, and only that key can unlock the files. The virus then gives you instructions on how to pay them and receive the key for your files (maybe.)

The good news is that this iteration of CryptoLocker is very easily avoided. The one we are seeing comes in an email, the sender can be anyone and the subject could be anything, but the attachment is always a Word file. Some examples we have seen are emails posing as resumes or other important documents.

The way to protect yourself is simple, do not double click or try to open the Word file. Delete the email and if you are in doubt, contact AlphaLink and we will tell you if it is legitimate or not.

If, for some reason you did open the Word file, you are not yet infected. You will be presented with a button at the top of the word document that says "Enable Macros." Close out of the file now and protect yourself.

The only way to actually get infected from this version of CryptoLocker virus would be to click "Enable Macros", then a message box will warn you that malicious code may be in the file, are you sure you want to enable? Click yes here to for sure give yourself the CryptoLocker virus, and this can infect your entire business if left unchecked.

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