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Suggest Downloads & Support Sutes

AlphaLink offers the following suggest scans and solutions "As Is" and does not warrant or guarantee any results. 

Name of Download or Site / URL Description and Important Notes              
Microsoft Security Scanner A great 2nd opinion for your primary virus/malware program.
If you are having problems Updating Windows, scan with your computer with this utility.
TDSKiller Removes RootKit Infections. 
Expand (+)  "How to DisInfect a Compromised System. 
Best if run in Safe Mode.
Microsoft Security Essentials

At a minimum, download this virus scanner from Microsoft. 
It is light on computer resource use and does address some of the most dangerous trojans such as Conficker, Vondu
and more!

MalwareBytes One of the best malware scanners;  Run it in Safe Mode.  We like the paid version and it won't break the bank.  If you use the free version, you will get great results with scans, you just won't have certain advanced features.