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Email Setup Guide

Here you can find the proper settings to allow your device to send and receive email from your AlphaLink email account. Listed below are several guides for different devices and software, including Microsoft Outlook (all versions) Android, iPhone, and other mail applications.

If you are unsure of what guide to choose or you feel uncomfortable setting it up yourself, please feel free to call in and a tech will help you to setup your device at no cost. Our email support for our customers is included in the pricing for your email account.

If you are more tech savvy and are just looking for our mail server settings, they are listed below. Otherwise, please skip these settings and find the appropriate guide for your device. 


Incoming Mail Server

Outgoing Mail Server

Server Authentication

Outgoing server requires authentication, same settings as incoming mail server


Your full email address


SSL encryption is supported on default ports, but is not mandatory.


We are currently working on specific guides for the following software/devices, please check back later for detailed instructions.

Microsoft Outlook

Outlook 2003

Outlook 2007

Outlook 2010

Outlook 2013

Android Phones/Tablets


Outlook Exchange

Windows Live Mail